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A Unique Partnership

1979 - PRESENT


The diversity in ability, ethnicity, and learning styles of urban school populations often requires imaginative and innovative responses. The Multicultural Career Intern Program (MCIP), a community-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, responds to this challenge by enhancing the financial resource base of Bell Multicultural High School and Lincoln Multicultural Middle School to ensure a rigorous college prep experience. MCIP is located on the Columbia Heights Educational Campus (CHEC).

Founded in 1979 by Maria Tukeva, CHEC's principal, MCIP began as an alternative school for language minority students, low income students and others with unmet special needs. In 1989 MCIP's core instructional program merged with then Bell Vocational Center to become Bell Multicultural High School, a member of DC Public Schools. In support of the new institution, MCIP's mission became and remains the provision of proven, research-based academic and enrichment programs that promote high student achievement at Bell, and now, Lincoln as well.

The Charter of MCIP is to:

  • Operate as the not-for-profit fundraising arm of the Columbia Heights Educational Campus (CHEC).

  • Maintain and raise funds for the programs of CHEC including, but not limited to education, career development, counseling, family and youth support, and multicultural program components.

  • Provide scholarship assistance to graduates of CHEC.

  • Promote and foster educational and economic opportunity and self-sufficiency for the student population.

  • Promote and foster multicultural education generally.

Whether measuring our achievements in the changed futures of so many promising young lives, or in the lasting emotional return to our generous program donors and sponsors, the success of MCIP has surpassed all expectations. But we cannot afford to stop here. In such a competitive world, it is inexcusable for urban schools not to prepare their students for college and beyond. In spite of our successes we understand that more should, can and must be done. With your help we can continue to make a difference.

The real work has just begun!

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